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Aspergers in adults can be challenging just as it is for children and teens. Hence it is important to seek assistance from a support group or professional that understands the hardships faced by those with asperger and the family and friends of these people. Oct 08, 2018 · As adults, they are only now discovering that there is a reason they’ve had difficulties with relationships their entire lives. For many, having a diagnosis is a relief.Author: Marie Hartwell-Walker, Ed.D.

Aug 26, 2019 · I found this book and wanted to give you the title, "Asperger's Syndrome and Adults is anyone listening?" I read this book in a day. That's how interesting it was! It is stories from loved ones (like us) of people with spouses and adult children with AS. It is a book strictly for us, the families and what we go through. For adults with Asperger's syndrome/ASD, accommodations at work, such as implementing scheduled breaks, requesting written instead of verbal instruction for a task, or using earplugs or headphones throughout the day, can reduce sensory overload and improve executive functioning.

For more than two decades, AANE staff have learned about the talents and struggles of adults with Asperger profiles. Working closely and talking extensively with adults with Asperger’s, ranging in age from 18 to 83, along with their parents, relatives, and spouses, we have together explored successful strategies for addressing the challenges of Autism Spectrum.