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For a detailed privacy policy, click the Privacy Policy link below. For best performance, use Internet Explorer 9.0 & above or FireFox 3.0 & above. Wood Badge is the ultimate in outdoor and leadership training for adult Scouting volunteers. Seabadge Seabadge is an intense leadership and management training focused on the “how to” aspects of managing a successful youth led Sea Scout program. University of Scouting.

CURRENT TRAINING CODES (numerical)--5.3.2017 CODE TITLE A90 Wood Badge C31 Den Chief Training C32 BALOO (Basic Adult Ldr Outdoor Orient) C33 Outdoor Ldr Skills for Webelos Ldrs C40 Cubmaster and Assist Pos Specific Tng Classroom C42 Cub Scout Den Ldr/Asst Pos Spec Tng Classroom C60 Pack Committee Member Pos Spec Tng Classroom. Eagle Award - Scouting's highest rank is earned by Boy Scouts who fulfill requirements stated in current literature. Adults wear the knot award No. 05011, youth wear the badge No. 00489. Those who receive the Distinguished Eagle Award may wear that device attached to this knot.