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The basic height range for a fully grown adult giraffe is anywhere between 15 and 19 feet. In general, male giraffes are slightly taller than their female counterparts. Kids' Planet notes that male giraffes attain heights of 19 feet while female giraffes often reach 16 feet. How Tall Is a Giraffe? According to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, the height of adult male giraffes (also called ”bulls”) and female giraffes (also called ”cows”) differ considerably. The height of a bull can typically reach up to 18 feet. The shoulder height of a male giraffe averages about 11 feet.

The intestines of an adult giraffe measure more than 70 m (230 ft) in length and have a relatively small ratio of small to large intestine. The liver of the giraffe is small and compact.: 76 A gallbladder is generally present during fetal life, but it may disappear before birth. Behaviour and ecology Habitat and feedingClass: Mammalia. The giraffe's stature can be a disadvantage as well—it is difficult and dangerous for a giraffe to drink at a water hole. To do so they must spread their legs and bend down in an awkward.

If you have never seen a Giraffe, you might wonder "How Tall is a Giraffe". We have gathered complete information about the Giraffe Height, that will not only let you know the average height of the Giraffe but also the individual height of both male and female giraffe, height of baby giraffe and height of the tallest Giraffe ever recorded. The giraffe is the tallest land mammal. Not due to the long neck alone. The adult giraffes legs are taller than the average human. Giraffes can range from 14 to 19 feet tall.