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Medically Indigent Adults (MIAs) in the health care system of the United States are persons who do not have health insurance and who are not eligible for other health care such as Medicaid, Medicare, or private health insurance. This is a term that is used both medically and for the general public. The profiles document provides a summary of every California county’s 2009 program, any of which can be selected from a bookmark list. The data spreadsheet allows readers to compare details of up to five programs at a time. The spreadsheet also enables comparison of a .

Indigent Health Care Program. Stanislaus County offers these programs to indigent residents who would otherwise have little or no means of access to or coverage for medical services: Medically Indigent Adult Program (MIA) You may be eligible for the program if you: Are between the ages of 21-65; Are a verifiable resident of Stanislaus County. County has a single program. Three years ago only one county, Los Angeles, had more than one indigent program; it now has four. Following is an overview of all 35 programs currently running in the MISP counties. Table 2. Medically Indigent Service Program Counties (number of programs) Alameda (2) Placer San Mateo Contra Costa (2) Riverside.

Medically Indigent Assistance Program (MIAP) This Healthy Connections program sponsors inpatient hospital care for individuals meeting eligibility criteria. Eligibility: A person who may qualify for the MIAP must: Be a South Carolina resident; Be a U.S. citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident Alien;. The Medically Indigent Services Program (MISP) was developed in Riverside County in 1983. The program was designed to provide assistance for the health needs of adults between the ages of 21 and 64. This program was designed to cover acute illnesses and medical care to prevent disability.

The County Medical Services Program (CMSP) provides health coverage for uninsured low-income, indigent adults that are not otherwise eligible for other publicly funded health care programs. The CMSP Governing Board provides policy direction for the program. Since 1998, this program has saved nearly $4 million dollars. In the year 2006 alone, we saved over $300,000. Click on image to enlarge! In 2006, 8% of all Rxs were filled using the medication from the MIA Program (~1,200 prescriptions). Click on image to enlarge! The overall cost of medication is reduced with the use of this program.

A program that funds medical care for uninsured indigent adult county residents. While not a health insurance program, County Medical Services (CMS) funds services through a network of community health centers, private physicians and hospitals. For more information email or call 1-800-587-8118. Medically Indigent Services Program (MISP) assists qualified low-income residents who have an immediate medical need but have no source of health coverage available and no other way to pay for necessary medical care.