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blue and black striped cichlids - blue and black striped cichlid gave birth and got attacked!!i need help ::

Oct 24, 2012 · The fish is blue with the black vertical stripes/bars, fading color towards the tail, and the white on the top of the dorsal fin. It closely resembles the labs (body wise). I also got it out of the same tank with the yellow labs from the pet store in a tank labeled 'mixed african' cichlids. The Zebra Cichlid has a “typical” mbuna shape and comes from the rocky shores of Lake Malawi. The colouring depends on the geographical location, as well as the mood of the fish. The most common variety has a pale blue body with seven to eight, dark blue or black, vertical bands. All flanks are pale blue.

The Black-Stripe Dwarf Cichlid is a carnivore that feeds on insect larvae and other small live foods in the wild. In the aquarium it can be fed newly hatched baby brine, frozen brine shrimp, freeze dried bloodworms, tubifex worms, and high quality flake food. This diet is especially easy to feed to tank bred Black-Stripe Dwarf Cichlids. Zebra Cichlids - Mbuna Cichlids - This group contains 12 genera of rock dwelling Mbuna Cichlids, including the well-known Zebra Cichlids. This is a popular group of very active and aggressive personalities, often colored in blues with black bars, and yellows.

blue and black striped cichlid gave birth and got attacked!!i need help its a 46 gal bowfront i have 6 cichlids in it,yesterday the one fish was giving birth while i was at work i assume and the one male cichlid must have attacked her lastnite after the post i went out and bought a 10 gal tank and filter setup i have her in it now with. The convict cichlid (Amatitlania nigrofasciata) is a fish species from the family Cichlidae, native to Central America, also known as the zebra cichlid. Convict cichlids are popular aquarium fish and have also been the subject of numerous studies on fish behaviour.Family: Cichlidae.

Dec 02, 2007 · Re: Blue Kenya Cichlids by Pam Chin on Mon Oct 15, 2007 8:07 pm Hi Bellingham, The scientific name for this fish is Metriaclima lombardoi, the common name is Kenyi. They fry, juveniles and females are a beautiful blue fish with black bars. When the males mature they turn yellow with black bars.Author: Laurels. These cichlids are smaller in size compared to other cichlids and are referred to Albino Peacock Cichlid is originally from Lake Malawi in Africa. Blue Johanni Cichlid males have a grey/black body with blue-grey horizontal markings. Females Blue Peacock Cichlid Rating: 3.2/5 The Zebra Striped Turbo Snail is an awesome addition to.

Unfortunately, many fish shops do not properly label the fishes they sell. Often they are sold with only a common name (e.g., Red Top Zebra, Electric Blue) or even worse, in an unlabeled tank they mysteriously referred to as "Misc African cichlids". Bumblebee Mbuna, Hornet Cichlid Pseudotropheus crabro SYN: None PD: An elongated fish with a sloping forehead. The body coloring depends on the sex, age, and geographical population of the fish. Males can be dark yellow or blue in color with eight or nine black, transverse bars.