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Jan 08, 2017 · The mineral and salt content of Dead Sea mud affects people differently. Let's face it, depending on skin type we all have different needs. People with oily skin can safely use the mud up to three times per week, whereas normal skin types would limit their use to no more than twice a week and dry skin types no more than once per week.Reviews: 2. The Dead Sea Premier Cosmetics Laboratories was established in 1990 by a group of experts in dermatology and cosmetics with years of experience and knowledge in the unique components of the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea Premier Cosmetics Laboratories is a major manufacturer of high quality Dead Sea cosmetic products.4.6/5(70).

Homemade Skincare Recipes to Battle Wrinkles – Review by Premier Dead Sea By [email protected] on Apr 11, 2019 Aging is a natural phenomenon that everyone must face in their life. The best way to give facial skin the minerals and vitamins it needs is to use the Dead Sea facial products. Shemen Amour has a variety of Dead Sea facial products and you can find exactly what your facial .

Dead Sea Skin Products, Dead Sea Face Products, Dead Sea Facial Products, dead sea moisturizer, Dead Sea Face Cream, Dead Sea Fa. Create a beauty routine for glowing skin with our dead sea skin care products such as toners and moisturizers, created with Dead Sea mineral extracts. Give your skin a youthful glow and erase aging lines, wrinkles. The waters of the Dead Sea have been renowned for their therapeutic effects since ancient times. Now you too can enjoy the relaxing experience and healthful effects of Dead Sea bathing with these nourishing Dead Sea facial care products, including mineral soaps, cleansing creams, age control lotions and moisturizers, refreshing gels and much more!