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Kagome's gift to Sango. Kagome is back in her era. She does some last minute shopping before getting back to the feudal era. "This is what its for Sango" Kagome turns it on" Sango starts moaning and crying. She grabs hold of Kagomes large breast and squeezes out of agony. This makes Kagome even hornier. She unbuttons her schoolgirl top and. Jan 29, 2016 · CM - Kagome and Sango Banquet - 11/12. Wait a minute! 1)As Kagone is producing milk after eat all that fatty food; 2)As Sango is drinking all of both breast milk; 3) As Sango has a very slow metabolism and all of her fatten grow are concentrating in her ass Sango ass will get even bigger! Are there enough space in the room for it?

Inuyasha got a feeling, a jealous feeling. He wanted the one to be sucking on Kagome's breast. Inuyasha, unconsciously reached out and touched Kagome's breast. It was soft and squishy to the touch. Kagome yelled and slapped his hand away. Miroku, Sango and Shippou, who were around the fire raised eyebrows at the two. Once, a few years back, after Kouga had started making regular appearances to see how 'his woman' was doing, Sango had pulled Kagome aside from the little shard hunting group for some 'girl talk'. The slayer had sternly warned her miko friend against stringing the .

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