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Numbers (digits) embossed on the bottoms of glass bottles and jars. I frequently receive inquiries about what these number markings mean. Unfortunately, there is no “one answer fits all” to this question!! Have you ever looked at the bottom of a plastic container (laundry detergent, milk, mustard, etc.)? How to Know What The Number On The Bottom of Your Plastic Bottle Means You can also look on food packaging for toll-free phone numbers where consumers can call and ask questions.

Apr 22, 2007 · I recently came across another chain mail, about the numbers below plastic bottles we use. According to this mail, the number (generally within a triangle) written at the bottom, which ranges from one to seven, indicates how many times that particular plastic is recycled in reverse order. I dug a little deeper. Apparently, the number printed. Apr 11, 2013 · A classification system called the Resin Identification Code, which is the number printed on the bottom of most plastic bottles and food containers, describes what kind of plastic resin the product is made out of. The most toxic plastics are #7, #3 and #6, while those that may be somewhat safer include #1, #2, #4 and #5.

What do the numbers on the bottom of glass bottles mean? Glass makers often emboss numbers, letters, and symbols on the bottom of bottle for various reasons. Some of the numbers denote the. People buy bottled water for a variety of reasons; convenience, fashion, taste, and many more. But do you know what numbers of plastic for water bottles are safe for you? What do Plastic Recycling Symbols Mean? Have you ever think about the logos with number or recycling symbols mean at the bottom of plastic bottles and containers before? You Author: Fatima Tundag.

Known bottles with the “B in a diamond” mark on the bottom include square Horseradish bottles (would be generally termed “square pickle bottles” by the average collector) that are pictured in local Binghamton Glass Co. newspaper ads from the early 1900s and were evidently made in considerable numbers for several years, and a rectangular. May 26, 2016 · Ever Wondered What The Numbers At The Bottom Of Plastic Bottles Mean? drinking straws and syrup bottles and other containers for medicine or Author: Shruti Pillai.

Mar 06, 2017 · What Do Those Numbers on the Bottom of Plastic Bottles Mean? you’ve probably noticed a strange symbol appearing on the bottom: a triangle with a single-digit number. a linguistic.