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The Sexual Offender Registration (SOR) unit maintains the Wyoming Sex Offender Registry. The sheriff's office in each county is responsible for tracking sex offenders who are required to register. That information is electronically provided to DCI, reviewed for accuracy, then entered into the state's SOR database and into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) operated by the FBI. Our database shows there are 3,192 registered Sex Offenders in Wyoming, a ratio of 55.38 offenders per 10,000 residents. Records indicate there are 1 incarcerated Sex Offenders in the Wyoming, as well as 62 offenders whose location is unknown in Wyoming due to the offenders being transient or their address being unmappable.

Sex Crimes: Definitions and Penalties Wyoming Sexual Assault in the First Degree Question Answer How is it defined? Inflicting sexual intrusion on a victim and: The actor causes submission of the victim through the actual application, reasonably calculated to cause submission of the victim, physical force or forcible confinement;. Wyoming Sex Crimes Law Firms & Lawyers The Law Offices of Dion J. Custis, P.C I provide successful criminal defense attorney services and representation because I am very meticulous with each and every case that I am involved with and will dedicate 100% of my skills to your case.

2014 Wyoming Statutes TITLE 6 - CRIMES AND OFFENSES CHAPTER 2 - OFFENSES AGAINST THE PERSON ARTICLE 3 - SEXUAL ASSAULT. 6-2-301. Definitions. 6-2-302. Sexual assault in the first degree. 6-2-303. Sexual assault in the second degree. 6-2-304. Sexual assault in the third degree. 6-2-305. Repealed By Laws 1997, ch. 135, 2.