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How to Help a Teen Athlete Deal With Sports Pressure Encourage a Balanced Life. For many teens, advancing their athletic talent means giving up a lot Change the Mindset. Simply using the phrase "deal with pressure" can be problematic, Relaxation Techniques. If your teen is always worried. If you have a teen athlete, you may or may not know that these teens often experience much more significant Negative Peer Pressure Among Teen Athletes By Norbert Georget If you have a teen athlete, you know that the demands placed on him or her are far different than that of a typical student.

"If you don't play football, then you don't get an allowance." "If you're not starting, then you don't go out this weekend."To many high school and grade school kids, these are common threats made. Young Athletes and Pressure In two of my previous blogs, “ working through pre-competition nerves,” and “ to push or not to push,” I discuss the differences between nervousness and pressure, and provide ways sport parents can help their young athletes learn and grow without pressuring them.

Older athletes in later high school, college, national, Olympic, or professional sports strive to meet ambitiously high standards that they place on themselves. However, with few exceptions, young children and young athletes rarely display these traits unless there has been considerable influence and pressure from parents or coaches to.