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The GM "old-look" transit bus is a transit bus that was introduced in 1940 by Yellow Coach beginning with the production of the model TG-3201 bus. Yellow Coach was an early bus builder that was partially owned by General Motors (GM) before being purchased outright in 1943 and folded into the GM Truck Division to form the GM Truck & Coach Assembly: Pontiac, Michigan. Find great vehicles from the hey-day of bus design, including British double deckers, classic city transit buses, and RV conversion coaches from the 1930s to 1970s and even more. These rare vintage buses are hard to find, so check back often to see our latest inventory.

Curbside Classic: GMC TDH-5105 Old Look Transit Bus – GM’s Greatest Hit #9, Despite Being The Agent Of A GM Deadly Sin And there was a related family of GM buses that were designed for lighter use, and had GMC six-cylinder gas engines and a Hydramatic transmission. This has puzzled me for years. If you look at the vintage photos of Author: Paul Niedermeyer. Nov 23, 2009 · Exclusive!: GMC Old Look Buses 2969 & 9098 Running On The M42 @ 42nd Street Every year during the holiday season, the MTA runs their vintage MTA New York City buses & vintage trains. This year.

Nov 17, 2016 · Old Dog: 1948 GM PD3751 Coach. But hey, maybe buses like this 1948 GM PD3751 Connecticut, and it seems like a fair price if you’re on the hunt for a vintage bus project. But you’re going to need a farm like the seller has, or to be friendly with the overseer of a local bus depot. The Greyhound Bus has been an iconic part of the American transportation scene for over 100-years. A week ago the first part of this series, Go Greyhound with prewar photos courtesy of the Greyhound Lines was featured here on The Old Motor. This second part covers developments from the mid-1940s and on up through the 1950s.

Gratuitous Begging We at BusNuts.Com have enjoyed success helping buyers and sellers of classic and specialty buses meet. Of course many sites charge for classified advertising, we don't. If you feel you'd like to help support this site as a buyer or seller, please donate as you like. bus fleet consisted of over 2,180 small size buses built by Ford. However, after the war it was decided that larger buses should be purchased to reduce operating costs. The first postwar new buses to arrive were GM diesels. Although still a decade away, the Detroit GM monopoly was just beginning.

This is not for sale unless the whole package is purchased. This bus makes me good movie bucks, so I hesitate to part with it. Now, be aware that every bus listed above, in some cases with just minor work, and in other cases as is, can literally be driven to wherever you are going, including California.